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AK ..... An over-rated hand ....

chic_perez 41151
Played  @Venetian with 75  players last night because I could not get in time for the 300-player event at Orleans casino on a Friday night. I was 50th on the wait-list and only the first 30 people on the wait-list was able to get in. So in short, I ended up at the Venetian tournament at 815 pm- late-buy-in.

I get A♥K♦ under the gun and 3- bet (1100$ -blinds 200/400/25) under the gun with my 22 BB's .. middle position calls, sb, bb calls...  4 way action....

Flop comes J♥8♣2♥ 

Sb- bets 1500$ BB- flat calls.............

I was thinking of shoving here and isolate one player...  Ultra aggo-move? Might get called ? weak pair of J?? 

such as a small bet 1500$ on a 4500$ pot, I called and 3 way to the turn....... 10♥ .........  straight draw... Nut flush draw and possibly two-overcards to my (AK)...

ANother 2200$ bet on the sb and bb was all in for 1900$........

What to do? I ask myself? so many outs....  I decided to re-shove for my last 6200$ instead of flat calling the 2200$ bet...  CREATES a side-pot and with the small blind... He shows :

SB- J♣9♦

BB - 83o

me - a♥k♦


No river miracle this time.....  6♦ hits the river and I'm out!!!

I guess my read was right but it never turns out to my advantage. My reads in a live game has always been accurate but was this over-ly aggressive?


another in day in a life of a grinder....

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