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Человек попал в беду (Eng version)

pashen 01028

Это пepевoд поста http://charity.pokeroff.ru/blog/note/1901124/ на английский язык, скрыт с главной. Сделан в целях подготовки к постированию на 2+2 и других англоязычных форумах

I'm here to ask for your help, our mate M19.pipS. is in bad need of it. Re-posting of the story would be really helpful.

That's the translation of the text posted on GoodGame.ru. Being the editor of the portal and a close friend of Pavel I've checked the information bellow, so I can vouch for it's truthfulness.

This year was a chain of misfortunes to cyberathlets and an accident with our friend pipS and his girlfriend is another one. We could not stand apart of it so we've decided to post Pavel's dreadful story here, so that more people would learn about

it and lend whelping hand to our mate. Here is his original letter.

Me and my girlfriend Nadya moved to Samui, Thailand 2 months ago like many others. Who would know what a tragedy would take place here on my girlfriend's Birthday.

We were riding a bike on speed 30-40 km/h in the left row because the right row was  stuffed with cars. Suddenly another bike came from the wayside and stopped right in front of me and I was forced to break hard. Everything would be Ok if not the rain, the road was wet and covered with sand. I broke hard and my bike skidded. Even then we would go off with a scratch. But Nadya was thrown away on the other side of the road where a huge truck was approaching to her while I was

pressed down with a bike.

Then I helplessly watched a  heavy truck dragged my beloved more than 10 meters with it's wheel and then ran over her. At the moment I thought she was dead. I can't blame the drive he simply couldn't see her in this situation.

I was in affective state and now can recollect only few things. We arrived to a hospital. Nadya's wounds were treated and she was X-rayed. It emerged that she has a comminuted fracture of hip bones, her hips were a mess. She was bleeding and doctors weren't able to find the cause of the hemmorhage. Also she has the most rare blood type (1st negative). We were loosing priceless time searching for blood, we couldn't start surgery and Nadya was about to die any

moment. In 2 hours the needed blood was found but the surgeon of Bangkok Hospital refused   to operate because it was to risky.

We lost almost 3 hours on that and had to move to the International Thai Hospital that is supposed to be the best on the island. While I was discussing the operation with home surgeon of the hospital the cause of bleeding was discovered. Now the plan was to stop bleeding first, then remove fragments of bones and replace them with iron


All the time doctors kept sating that the operation was of highest risk and that Nadya could die. It was supposed to last for 2-3 hours6 but I was waiting more than 6 hours  worried to death. Everything worked out well except for the massive lose of blood. The operation cost 30 thousand dollars all the money I have.

Now Nadya needs another operation that might be held only in Bangkok we'll take her there by plane. Then 6 week rehabilitation course. If everything goes ok she'll be able to move in 6 weeks.

The price for all the manipulations is not set precisely it might be 50 - 100 thousand dollars. Here are photos of the bill from the hospital and Nadya's photos, you surely understand how hard was it for me to take them and bring to public.

I love her more my own life and she has no one except me. She buried her parents not to long ago. And I won't survive without her.

If only I could pay the bills any other way I wouldn't have ask you for help. But in such a moment I must put away my pride and and do the utmost to save her life.

Here are the possibility to help:

Z533589711109 Web Money

Fulltilt: OtherSense

PokerStars: pFFka

city - Saint-petersburg

moneybookers Zadr0ter@yandex.ru

Thank  you  very  much  for helping - Hope Nadya will survive with our



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