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Dear member,

Please find below a private message from Aiden Monroe :

Change of Emphasis

Dear Investors, I want you all to be accomodated at the best prices where it's possible, so I hope some of the changes and ideas below will assist to some extent. 1. On the night before racing my tips will be provided between 6pm and 8pm at the very latest and at 15 minute intervals. If there is no tip by 8pm you have my word that the selections will not be provided until the day of racing. 2. If a selection(s)is provided on the day of racing then again the time will be from 8:15am to 9:15am at the very latest and again at 15 minute intervals. 3. I will continue to let you know on each news that accompanies a recommendation if there are any further bets or when they are likely to be posted. 4. I suggest for those of you that don't know, to have www.oddschecker.com already open so you can compare odds quickly and if you click on the bookmaker icon in the relevant column you will quickly gain access to their site. The alternative is of course to already be logged into some of the bookamkers of your choosing, so you don't delay getting your bet on. Kind Regards Aiden

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