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yeah i did it!

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hi guys it happened that i haven't been written here for a while.....

it was because every day was the same and nothin interestin happened

now it 1:44 and i am very sleepy 'cause i was playing tournaments all night

and i won  a 11 $deep stack  *happy*

(actually there was a deal and i get nearly the same money as for the second place i was tired after 14 hours of playin it so i agreed for a deal))))


ssounds great ( but i cannot see this winnin in poker prolabs ((( there will be a nice graph otherwise)


so now bankroll is 3 k + and i am ready for 30$ 6 max


my next aim is to build 4 k 500 $ bankroll by the end of the month 




this is my sng graph this month not so much games played( should be at least 1 k)

and this is whole distance seems funny like ups and downs


and  an awesome girl

goodnight everybody!=)

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