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I"m a poker grinder, restaurant server, club promoter and a Dad with great kids in Vegas...  My  name is Christopher Perez.

I've been playing low to mid-stakes live tournaments in Vegas from Bellagio, Ceasar's Palace, Venetian, and Rio Hotel (WSOP) and had some success in tournament poker.

I've seen it all in poker for the past 10 years,  I have BEEN TWO-OUTED on the river, Been One-Outed on the river, I flopped QUAD kk's, flopped sets over sets of AA's but still getting cracked, Turned my share of Straight flushes with 10-8 of hearts on a 3-way action and getting paid,  and the greatest of them all---  I rivered a Royal FLush with One card ... I mean ONE CARD (1OUT) that can save me on the river....  What a feeling....  What a rush......

Under the gun with A♥Q♥ - I 3-BET being the Chip leader, Button folds, Small and Big Blind calls, (Button 2nd in chips by the way), Flop comes --  K♥J♥7♦....

Yatzeeeeee!!!  Dream flop!!!!!  After two checks behind me, I bet- half the pot and to my surprise.... I get 2 callers (sb/BB) ....TURN -- 7♣  ....  SMALL blind --  all-in....  Big Blind -- Inta-All -in.... I'm perfectly beat hear with Ace-high royal flush draw trip 77's, set of jj's-- K-7???  What could they have....  POt Odd's let me to call and I will still be alive in the tourmanent being chip leader....I will be left with 15 bb's after calling....  

SB  SHOWS- 7♥8♥

BB SHOWS- KK'S ------  wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full House!!!

Been there , done that, seen it all and BAmmmm   ---  River HITS me hard ----  10♥  !! A true Royal Flush One-Outer!!!!!!! That's the Rush!!!!

I've played Rio's WSOP low-stakes tournaments and Deep-Stacks like the Employee Event # 1  of the WSOP...  Came in twice close to the bracelet....  4th this year 2011 and 21st in 2010 ---  I know the feeling , the greatness of folding Bottom Set when it's your life on line.... Getting Bluffed but you have to move in...  I know there is greatness in Poker.. and I own it !!!

Here are my cardplayer stats.... http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-players/212597-christopher-perez/overall/results 

and here's how I busted out this year (4th place)  ... so close to the bracelet...poker  http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-players/212597-christopher-perez/overall/results

Anyhow, I met Kirill Kruglow , a Russian poker player this year and ask to see if I can send a message to MAX KATZ  ...  i SAID, WHY NOT START A BLOG?? right?

I have met and played with Greatness - Jerry Yang at @Ceasars Palace, Dennis Phillips and Chris Moneymaker -- all at the same table on a 2-5 cash game....

Managed to beat Jerry Yang and Chris Moneymaker on pots...

I've met them all, Matt Glanz, Maria Ho, Daniel Negreanu, Doug Lee, Ben Lamb and Crazy Mike (high stakes player)....

Find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/chrisperez73

I need a fresh start this year 2012...  Looking to sell shares or get staked in live Vegas Tournaments--  Venetian deepstacks  this month of January----- http://www.venetian.com/uploadedFiles/The_Venetian/Content_Blocks/Gaming/Deepstack_Extravaganza/2012_Deep_Stack_I/DeepStackI2012.pdf

I'm also on twitter at @chrisperez73...  g-mail chris011973@gmail.com.....

So, It's a long shot  but anyhow, Interested?????  e-mail, facebook, twitter me!!!  Thanks for reading!!!

CHRISTOPHER PEREZ -- future wsop-bracelet-winner!!!!

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