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Информация о тренере:

I play mid stakes no limit since 2008 and have a lifetime winrate of
almost 10bb/100 at 2/4 and 3/6 while playing on average 700 hands per
hour (8-12 tabling non-rush). I play high stakes since 2011 where my
lifetime winrate is 4bb/100 (5/10 and 10/20).

I play anyone heads up to start tables up to 5/10.

I am known for a weird play style. This is not because I try to level
or confuse people, but because I have very good reasons for using
non-standard lines. I tend to play a very solid style with well
constructed ranges, which just happens to appear odd at times. Some of
my ideas are a bit complex; I offer a game theory course for the
mathematically inclined.

Результаты игры

Most recent 100k hands (May 2013):

Graph since sometime 2008 (misses some 50/100 and smaller sites) :

My involvement in the poker universe is vast. I am active on 2+2 as
"lnternet", I have compiled a lot of information on several types of
bots, and I occasionally produce videos for PokerStrategy,
TransformPoker and PokerVIP, just to name a few things.

Информация о тренировках:

I coach 6max and HU NL. Usually I do 90min sessions. Some of the basic
formats are

- 60min I watch you play live, 30min we review hands.
- 90min We watch a video of your play.
- 30min preflop stats review into preflop ranges if there are problems
(Good to start with this for 6max players).

Other formats include reviewing marked hands together, reverse
coaching where you watch me play, we play heads up against each other
and deep line analysis using software.